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Felton State Preschool teacher Natali Gaxiola recognized as Early Educator of the Year

LENNOX, Calif. - Child360 recognized Felton State Preschool teacher Natali Gaxiola as one of three Los Angeles County Early Educators of the Year on June 18, 2019.

Every year, Child360 honors outstanding early educators throughout Los Angeles County with the Annual Child360 Early Educator of the Year Awards. Their goal is to recognize educators who are making a positive difference in Los Angeles county.

“Although I can’t control the factors of life for these children, I can create a loving, nurturing and supportive environment,” Ms. Gaxiola expressed, “I can’t change their whole world, but I can change their world for the better, even if it is only for a few hours.”

Natali is committed to providing a safe place for the children in her care. As a child, school was her solace, and she wants to provide the same loving, nurturing, and supportive environment that she knows will change their world for the better – as it did for her. Positive interactions and relationships are her priority, not only with her students but also their families. Every child has the capacity to learn and thrive, and her philosophy rests upon helping children find their unique connection to what they are learning.

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